Are you in the Food and beverage industry to make a profit?


Then you have to know what your clients and/or consumers are thinking -
before you develop and market your products.
You have to understand their food choice behavior, walk in their shoes and view products through their eyes.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you need research and development to create innovative new products?

  • Do you know how to use sensory tests and consumer product research?

  • Do you know which attributes consumers’ value most in your products?

  • The things that consumers search for on the one hand and the unexpected astounding, the WOW attributes?

  • Do you know how to ensure a competitive advantage in the market?

  • Do you know the value of unique selling points (USP’s)?

  • Do you have a professionally trained team?

  • Do you have an innovation map to reflect innovation potential?

Have your consumer and client data and -insights actually turned into sales?

If not, contact us

We assist with:

  • Innovation and new idea generation

  • Innovation mapping

  • R&D (Research & Development) / NPD (Product development)

  • Applied Sensory- and Consumer / customer evaluation using a wide variety of tools

  • We are well versed in Bivariate- and Multivariate statistical analysis and Predictive modeling

  • R&D innovation, strategy-, program- and process development

  • Project management (R&D)

  • Product research, -development & -optimization

  • Consumer- & product insight analysis of datasets

  • Program evaluation

  • Training

  • Writing of programmed instruction e-books or e-manuals

  • Consulting & facilitation

Contact us with you challenges – help is an e-mail away!


C M (Karin) Blignaut (Pr.Sci.Nat.)
Ph.D (Interdisciplinary), Ph.D (Food Science)